Now at iMAL!

25 September - 26 October 2014

Stereolithographic projections & Expansion/Contraction sculptures

In this solo exhibition, Julien Maire presents 2 new pieces that address new technologies & media archaeology, and that manipulate fiction.


4 October - 5 October 2014

CONNECTING CITIES: Participatory City 2014 / Nuit Blanche

Join us during Nuit Blanche Brussels ! is a crowd-sourced storytelling platform that combines augmented-puppetry with urban projection performance. Travelling through the streets of the city centre, artists Ali Momeni & Nima Dehghani (USA/Iran) will project videos filmed this summer, in Iran, by augmented puppets. A way to share experiences of migration across time and space on our planet. 


Tuesday, 21 October 2014 | 10:00 - 13:00

Introduction to Lasercutting, 3D printing & CNC milling

Do you want to make your own projects with the fantastic tools of FabLab.iMALYou'll first need to learn some basic skills by following our introductory workshop!


Log out, Turn Off, Join the fun :) 40+ artists from JP, US & EU! The mysterious collective invites us to perpetuate...
15/07/2014 - 15/08/2014
Initiated in 2005, the Summer Digital Art Workshops go on with this 10th edition! Join us for an inspiring summer under the digital...
01/07/2014 - 15/09/2014
An installation at the crossroads of sculpture, mapping and animation film. Antonin De Bemels transforms a wood sculpture into a...
Do you want to make your own projects with the fantastic tools of FabLab.iMAL? You'll first need to learn some basic skills...


07/04/2014 - 16/04/2014
Cognito 2.0 is an interactive installation allowing visitors to fall into the mysterious world of a slightly shy robot examining and...
10/02/2014 - 21/02/2014
Beatbox Looper est un sampler multi-pistes spécialement conçu pour les Human Beatboxers. Cette application I-pad/I-phone permet d'...
06/01/2014 - 19/01/2014
Following Based on an almost true story. (S01), performance presented during the festival Trouble, Lucille Calmel and Gaëtan...
20/12/2013 - 15/05/2014
Different Ways to Infinity is an installation that gathers experiments in geometry and physics, as fictional strategies to...


Different Ways to Infinity, the installation of Felix Luque co-produced through a residency at iMAL and its fablab, is shown at Bozar in the continuation of the Bozar Electronic Arts Festival and the Quinzaine Numérique.
The exhibition is opened up to Sunday 5 October 2014. Practical info...

Deadline: 31 October 2014

After Networked City in 2013 and Participatory City in 2014, the theme of Connecting Cities in 2015 will be Visible City.

Our modern cities are hybrid structures in which technology is invisibly interweaved in the perception layers of our everyday...

if you could not attend our Connecting Cities Symposium on Urban Media in June 2014, don't worry: all the lectures by our international panel of speakers are now on Youtube ! Or if you were there and just want to watch again one of the great conferences by Katia Truijen (...