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Hybrid Scrapyard workshop!

Welcome to the Hybrid Scrapyard workshop BLOG, start blogging!


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  1. fougeras Says:

    I shall like participate and read comments in the BLOG about Hybrid Scrapyard

  2. fougeras Says:

    I’m finishing to connect different objects, one of them found in the free market in brussels. Nice time yesterday morning in the free market and talk in the cafe there.
    Today I need to begin work with the arduino patch. I need to connect my objects and add this wireless card with the arduino. I shall like send words in internet chat / website (what words? choose keywords? or random choice in a list of words..?) each time my objects are played.

  3. Pascale Says:

    Now, the white bear’s arduino is connecting with a maxmsp’s patch.
    I use material electricity conductor like interface.
    Some love poetry extracts will be reading with the aka.speech patcher from your physical contact with the bear.

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