Hybrid Scrapyard workshop BLOG

Let’s get hybrid!

Here we go, the hybrid scrapyard workshop has begun! After a short introduction, participants already started doing some switches with a simple goal: create communication between the physical and the virtual. Katherine brought some conductive textiles and Pascale already made a nice pillow out of it. You create the on/off switch by needling in it.

After doing some shopping at the Brussels flea market, everyone came back with some junks (teddy bear, plastic plants, toys, telegraph,…) and started dismantling, connecting, patching,… We have already some nice proposals as a teddy bear (seeking for some hugs) connected to a chat room, an interactive planetary system made of plastic toys, an analog synthesizer made of an old recorder, interactive motors controlled by a photoresistor and shirt buttons,… Let’s see what will happen on Saturday!





more pics on iMAL’s Flickr!

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