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The Talkoo codes!

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

We have now gathered some open source codes ( made during the workshop, that you can use for yourself (thanks to David Cuartielles for the codes and Jimi Hertz for the sound files).

Here are the codes and sound files made by the participants:

By Reinaart Vanhoe:

By Dries De Roeck:

By Tom Heene:

You can also check the slides of the workshop in David’s post: Talkoonizing instruments.

Concerning new pics of the workshop, have a look at David’s photos on his Flickr! He has also posted a summary of the workshop with interesting links on his wOki.

While waiting for our video documentation, you can watch Dries video of Tom’s instrument on YouTube!



photo by D. Cuartielles

Talkoonizing Instruments

Friday, June 6th, 2008

During the last two days here in Brussels (BXL, they say) we have been going through the basics of using Arduino boards in the production of prototypes: digital and analog signals, serial communication, and sound production, a lot of sound production. We have looked briefly in using Puredata and Processing as tools on the computer side. Some of the participants, who master MAX/MSP, have also succeeded in connecting the board to that software.

The workshop is quite open for possibilities, so we are not sure yet if we will design small music instruments, or gigantic embodied installation art. However it is worth to take a look at the contents we have been looking into, so far and where to get resources and documentation.

Wednesday, June 4th:

This is the day of the arrival. Most of the participants made it to the workshop today, we had an introduction to what is Arduino as a tool and as a community of makers. We saw some examples of standalone objects made with Arduino and made some basic serial communication. Even someone managed to fill up a cup of virtual Darjeeling using an LDR and the classic 3D teapot example in Puredata’s GEM library.

  • Basic Introduction to Arduino’s prototyping platform, get the slideshow here, get the movies/documentation for: randomSnooze, link to the artist that made waves
  • Examples in I/O: digital I/O, analog inputs, serial communication
  • Programming as talking technique, variable definitions, program structure, etc
  • Brief introduction to Puredata, talk about the differences between Vanilla and Extended version, explanation of the comport object to connect to Arduino the easiest way possible

Thursday, June 5th:

This day was a truly long one. We looked into low-Fi (1-bit) sound production techniques out of piezo buzzers, revised Puredata and attacked Processing. We created a small tone player, a melody player, and a drum-bit kit. Late at night Jimi Hertz (what a great name) and me cracked into the secrets of 8-bit 8000Hz playing from Arduino.

  • Basic tone playing, adding duration to make notes, playing melodies
  • Hacking the melody maker into a drum-bit kit
  • Introduction to Processing and its communication to Arduino
  • References from: Tristan Perich for 1-bit music, Michael Smith for Arduino PCM Audio
  • Slides here

‘Talkoo Technics’ categorie

Thursday, June 5th, 2008


‘Talkoo Technics’ is the categorie where David can/will post code, diagrams, technical documentation, … Participants can then put examples, modified code, questions, … as comments.