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Archive : May, 2008

iMAL’s urban environment

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

In order to give you some inspiration, here is a presentation of the area around iMAL where the workshop will take place.

The office and exhibition place are located in an old factory, up to a tyre reseller, along the canal of Brussels decorated with small colored windmills that we could use. On the other side of the canal, next to the bridge, there is a large crossroad, with the end of the ‘rue Antoine Dansaert’, one of the trendiest street of Brussels. On the corner of this street, you will see a nice pub, de Walvis, with just in front a great ‘audiovisual grocery’, Le Bonheur. These 2 friends agree that we do electronic intervention in their venue, placing small smart objects,…

Here are some pics:


iMAL’s building


The canal just in front of iMAL with its colored windmills.


The bridge, a cross-road between the trendy neighborhood of Dansaert and the North-African area of Molenbeek shows a nice mix of cultures.


The terrace of de Walvis.


The audiovisual grocery of Le Bonheur.