29 October - 14 November 2004

iMAL propose au VDB (Dexia Art Center) deux semaines intenses concentrées sur la culture digitale et ses infiltrations interdisciplinaires au travers de pratiques artistiques...

30 September 2004

Solo chorégraphique + vidéo interactive Mélanie Munt, Tom Heene, Yacine Sebti

13 June 2004

Jasch live AV concert after his workshop 'Realtime 3D for Visual Expressions' at iMAL, June 2004.

11 June - 13 June 2004

This workshop explores abstract visual expressions using a real-time OpenGL environment within the Max/Jitter framework.

23 May 2004

A performance by Frederik Dewilde and Bart Vandeput

12 December - 14 December 2003

A 3 days workshop about constructing experiences in interactive installations by David Rokeby.


24 October - 5 December 2003

After Montréal, Toronto, Los Angeles, Washington DC and New York, F2F comes to Brussels invited by iMAL

1 September - 5 September 2003

A 5 days workshop about realtime audiovisual exploration by Telcosystems.

16 May 2003

Nanomachine: a rythmic semi-autonomous complex machine.
An audiovisual improvisation and performance.
A public fight with a minimal 'Gesamtkunstwerk' in development.

18 April - 20 April 2003

A 3 days workshop introducing computer programming by Casey Reas.