The rules

Meschac Gaba’s “Adji” game is an adaptation of the famous traditional African game “awélé”.
In Gaba’s version, you play against the computer and the usual tokens are replaced by coins.

The board of the game has 2 rows of 6 holes each: the upper row is the computer’s and the lower row is yours.

At the beginning of a game, each hole is filled with six coins. The goal of the game is to seize as many coins as possible in the opponent’s row. The game is over when one of the two players hasn’t any coin left in his/her row. The winner is the player who has seized the most coins from the other.

Each player in turn takes the coins in one of the holes of his/her row and distributes all of them, anti-clockwise, one by one in the following holes. The goal of the game is to place the last coin of this distribution in one of the opponent’s holes which already contains only one or two coins. In that case, the number of coins in these holes goes up to two or three (1+1 or 2+1), which enables the player to empty all the holes he/she has just filled with the distribution as long as they now contain only two or three coins. If there is only one coin or if there are more than three coins, you cannot take them.

Example :

If you distribute anti-clockwise the seven coins contained in your hole, circled in red, the last one will be placed in the opponent’s hole, circled in green, which already contains a coin. The content of that hole will go up to two, that of the preceeding hole will go up to three: you can empty them and take the five coins!

But it is by playing that one understands best the rules and the subtleties of this strategy game…!


The game has 2 levels of difficulty. By defaut, the level is set for novice players, ideal to learn the game and enjoy beating the computer.
But to win the 10.000 CFA, you need to win at Expert level! Change the level by clicking on the level controls "level > novice > expert" in the bottom of the screen (changing the level will start a new game).

"Redo" Action

To analyze what the computer has just played after you, use the "Redo Action" button. Keep the mouse down on it to redisplay the game as it was after your last move before the computer played, and release the button to replay the move of the computer.