12 oktober 2002

iMAL presents i.s.m. NADINE, een live video/audio-performance bij René Beekman & Bruce Gremo

4 september 2002

A duet-exploration of abstracted motion for dancer + video.

26 augustus - 30 augustus 2002

A 5 days intensive workshop exploring the MAX environment and video softwares for interactive installations and realtime audiovisual performances.

21 maart - 24 maart 2002

A 4 days workshop by FFlaboratories (Barcelona) organised by iMAL in collaboration with Nadine.

20 februari 2002

At the invitation of iMAL, 242.pilots, the live video improvisation trio, gave a concert in Bruxelles, at Theatre Mercelis, on 20.2.2002. It is available on DVD with the complete interview of the pilots made by Interieur Nuit (RTBF): "Live in Brussels"...

12 december 2001

Servovalve is een Parijse kunstenaar die de wisselwerking tussen geluid, beeld en computer exploreert. In deze performance controleert hij een "live computer process", waarbij semi-zelfgenererende visuele abstracties in contact komen met techno-industriële...

30 november - 1 december 2001

Rencontres et ateliers trans- et pluridisciplinaires dans le cadre des Colloques de Bruxelles sur l'Art Contemporain (COBRAC): "Le corps et son autre"

7 oktober 2000

In the exhibition space of CONTinENT (Brussels), Franky DC, painter and object maker, controls his webcam to broadcast on Internet pictures of his well-defined territory. There he creates his "objects of transfiguration" with a double life: physical and virtual.

8 september - 12 oktober 2000

CONTinENT exhibitions in Brussels and Helsinki present new interactive media art works from Belgium, Finland and France.