24 mei 2014

These workshops accompany Mutator 1 + 2, William Latham's exhibition. The hand drawing workshop will learn you how to modify forms following the FormSynth rules. The live coding workshop will show how to generate imagery and sculptures from a few lines of code.

22 mei 2014

William Latham is a computer art pioneer, internationally known for his organic artworks based on the processes of evolution. Up to 1993, he was a Research Fellow at The IBM UK Scientific Centre. He then founded Computer Artworks Ltd, a development studio that produced the...

17 mei 2014

Code, Arts & Crafts is terug met een nieuwe formule die gebaseerd is op zijn originele missie: het volgen van jullie projecten. Twee keer per maand kunnen jullie Julien Maire & Luc Hanneuse ontmoeten in FabLab.iMAL waar ze jullie helpen en...

23 april - 25 mei 2014

William Latham, pioneer in digital arts, is known worldwide for his first works in the 80's. His artistic approach is based on 'evolutionary genetic'.

31 maart - 3 april 2014

In a post-Snowden world of generalised surveillance, understanding network technologies becomes vital. In this intensive workshop Julian Oliver and Danja Vasiliev teach low level networking using only command line tools and networking hardware. In doing so, students learn not...

26 maart 2014

with projects by Julien Maire, Val Macé & David Chazam and Yann-Aël Le Borgne & Roman Miletitch.

13 maart - 23 mei 2014

En mars et avril 2014, iMAL organise plusieurs workshops d'introduction à la fabrication numérique pour différentes hautes écoles artistiques bruxelloises francophones.

26 februari 2014

Bar.temp is een pop-up bar die media- en elektronische cultuur onderdompelt in een gezellige sfeer. Special AV performances editie met Lucas Lejeune, Paul Boudeau (Collectif_Sin~) en Third Hand, playlists, creatieve keuken door Gaëlle Leenhardt, bieren, wijn,...

5 februari - 12 februari 2014

You have a project you want to materialise, but don't know how to use 3D modeling tools? You are a FabLab member who wishes to use the full potential of 3d printing by creating his own objects? Join us for an introduction to Blender, during two evenings open to anyone!...

27 november 2013

Malcolm Le Grice is a film and video artist. He has written critical and theoretical works including a history of experimental cinema and numerous articles on film, video and digital media. In this lecture, he will discuss the development of art focussing on the machine, as...