Guitar virtuoso, chip musician, visual artist, and educator hailing from Philadelphia. Well-known for his Game Boy Foot Controller mod and for popularizing the 8-bit fuzz pedal, Mariano continues to innovate the performance of 8-bit music. Live, he walks a chiptune tight rope, triggering loops from his feet and shredding progressive, improvised guitar solos rooted in his strict jazz training. Mariano stands at the forefront of the emerging chip scene in Philadelphia and is a frequent co-conspirator with [Pause], 8bitpeoples, and the New York chip scene.

Juvenile Amplifier, 2009
Game Boy parts, LSDJ sound loop, homemade Cmoy amplifier circuit, wires

As a kid, hearing the single mono speaker from his Game Boy provided Joey Mariano with hours of contentment and happiness, but he often wanted it to be louder. This project amplifies the beauty of that sound without the use of headphones or a large PA system. Press the button to start and stop the sound.

Software used in this installation created by Johan Kotlinski, Prosound Output discovered by Tim Lamb
Acknowledgements: FRNDS, FMLY, NMLS, COSMOS