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Spanish video artist, often using low-res graphics to create surreal imagery and eerie atmospheres. She has made video clips and VJ sets for many of the more prominent 8-bit musicians (Glomag, Bubblyfish, Goto80) and also worked with electro and noise acts such as Rubeck and Tubular Balls. Meyers was formerly part of Entter, and has worked with print design, installations, and websites. She is perhaps one of the more consistent pixel artists, although she is currently exploring other expressions to create confusion and delight. She has performed in, among others, Shift Festival, Blip Festival Europe, transmediale, HAIP Festival, VisionR, Electro Circus Festival (fr), Abertura (pt), LABoral, La Casa Encendida, FIB Heineken Festival.
Anders Carlsson

Follow the Red Dots, 2007
Video, 04:18 min

Raquel Meyers is, together with a few other artists such as NO CARRIER and The C-Men, one of the best (and the best known) VJs and video makers of the chiptune music community. She has made video clips for Goto80, Saitone, Jellica, Bubblyfish and Glomag, among others. Together with the Swedish musician and artist Goto80, she is currently developing Polybius, an AV set exploring “the relationship between fiction and reality by creating a feeling of losing your senses” and inducing “feelings of apophenia, amnesia and panic”.

This project may be helpful to show that, in her videos and live sets, 8-bit aesthetics are chosen for something more then a mere reference to the retro feel of old videogames. Meyers uses 8-bit tiles in order to create an alien, imaginary, unsettling reality, inhabited by strange creatures and lysergic colours. In L-V–SC-LD-RTH-ND–TH, a mechanical hydra lives in a post-atomic world full of mouths and eyes; in Fin, two merry joggers are suddenly hijacked by aliens. Follow the Red Dots, as Ed Halter wrote, “places a Minnie Mousean character in a Super-Mario-like pellet-eating adventure, while FuriousClubfoot stars a crustacean-headed boogaloo dancer traipsing across a burning city.” The evocation of this parallel reality is strongly related with the music it has to comment: so, if Meyers often made 8-bit videos for non 8-bit music, she made as well non 8-bit videos for chiptune musicians.

Video > http://raquelmeyers.blip.tv/file/551112/

Video: Raquel Meyers / Music: Bubblyfish

FuriousClubfoot, 2007
Video, 01:23 min

Video: Raquel Meyers / Music: Glomag

Fin, 2008
Video, 03:36 min

Video: Raquel Meyers / Music: Sajama Cut (VGO remix)

Video, 03:01 min

Video: Raquel Meyers / Music: Goto80