NO CARRIER, or Don Miller, is a visual artist and programmer living in Philadelphia. He reprogrammes nearly obsolete videogame and computer hardware for use at live music events and installations. He primarily codes for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Commodore 64, creating visual works that incorporate both new and recycled symbols and patterns. Miller has performed, lectured and shown work in the United States and Europe. His work simultaneously speaks to the emerging DIY technology culture, and the reminiscence of a generation raised on interactive media technologies.

glitchNES, 2009
NES cartridge / 6502 ASM with interactive carpet (Nintendo Power Pad)

glitchNES is an open source software project for NES. This software causes graphical glitches similar to hardware circuit bending. The images produced are caused by deliberate RAM corruption due to overloading the PPU, or Picture Processing Unit, of the NES. The result is random flashes of colour and patterns that change with each button press. The open source nature of this project allows users to create their own glitchNES ROM’s and cartridges with unique tile sets and effects by altering the source code to their liking.

glitchNES is presented as an installation where the viewer controles the glitches moving and dancing on an interactive carpet.

Courtesy: the artist
Acknowledgements: 8bitpeoples