Jeremiah Johnson, aka Nullsleep, is a computer musician and digital artist interested in destructive processes, data corruption and software glitches.

Eat Shit, 2008-2009
Custom cartridge and game system for video display or projection with single-channel audio

Jeremiah Johnson aka Nullsleep is a prominent figure in the 8-bit scene. Among the founders of the 8bitpeoples community, he is one of the organizers of the Blip Festival. An appreciated musician, he is developing a side path in visual arts since 2004. Eat Shit and BBB CHR BOX are two recent works that show his interest for glitches and data corruption. The first is an interactive installation that explores controlled data corruption on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), based around Johann Sebastian Bach’s Minuet in G. The work reveals a punk attidude in the way both the author and the user playfully “destroy” a myth of classical music.
BBB CHR BOX is a laser-cut light box using corrupt CHR data from the unlicensed Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game Bubble Bath Babes. Here, glitch aesthetics meets rapid prototyping, 8-bit tiles meet modernist abstraction in a surprising, beautiful mix.

Collaborative work with Don Miller / NO CARRIER for the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU and 8bitpeoples

Laser-cut and etched butterboard

In BBB CHR BOX (2009) the artist appropriates part of the graphics of a NES videogame (Bubble Bath Babes, 1991), presenting them on a series of laser-cut cardboard sheets. Here the original game – a sort of Tetris where the player has to arrange the bubbles created by an alluring topless beauty – is transformed into a refined exploration of the Modernist fascination with the grid and its electronic counterpart (the pixel). The use of cardboard reveals a taste for poor materials and an interest in recycling, which is also evident in that artist’s manipulation of obsolete technologies.


A work by Jeremiah Johnson / Nullsleep for the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU and 8bitpeoples