Composes electronic music with Littlesounddj, a software created by Johan Kotlinski for Game Boy. Rabato is co-founder of MicroBCN, a collective fostering activities and events related with the 8-bit movement, from art fields such as music, visual arts or circuit bending. He has taken part in international festivals including Blip Festival New York and Blip Festival Europe. His latest work is Chorson Dival, published by the American netlabel MP3death.us. More recently he took part in collective projects such as Weezer, the 8-bit Album, with versions of the American rock band; Wanna Hld yr Handheld, Vol.1, an album paying homage to The Beatles, by 8-bit Operators; Ice-Cream for 8-bit from the label 8bitpeoples.

Bug–Crusher, 2007
Electronic circuit designed by BugBrand. Reducing ratio based on a AD781 chip

Rabato introduces toys and instruments electronically modified using the circuit  bending technique into his performances and compositions. These include a lot of 1980s toys with readily manipulatable circuits and Casio keyboards from the same decade. One of these classic toys is the famous Speak & Spell which was first commercialised by Texas Instruments in 1974.
Revolution 8, a track on Wanna Hld Yr Handheld, Vol.1, a tribute album to The Beatles by 8bit Operators, gives a good idea of the sound of these instruments and toys. This version of Revolution 9 from the White Album is composed entirely by circuit bending modified instruments and toys.
Once entering the absorbing world of circuit bending, it was inevitable to continue along the path of DIY, leading to the creation of circuits, modules or instruments from integrated circuits and all kinds of electronic components. This discipline is truly extensive and ranges from creating simple sound generators right through to the construction of big modular synthesisers. Internet has been a huge push forward thanks to forums and websites with info on developing all kinds of projects.

Circuit–Bent Kid Tunes, 2007
Electronically modified toy
Circuit–Bent Speak & Spell, 2007
Electronically modified educational toy