Independent artist, curator and musician, focusing on computer technology and culture. Since 2006, he has been the director of And/Or Gallery in Dallas, an art space focused on new media work. His band, Tree Wave, makes music and video using reprogrammed obsolete computer and videogame gear. Some of his performances and exhibitions include The New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York; Deitch Projects, New York; Tránsitio, Mexico City; Readme Festival 2005; The Liverpool Biennial; Museum of Contemporary Art Denver; Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston.

Combat, 2004
DVD, unlimited edition (also performed live)

Combat is a video made for Tree Wave, the electronic band co-founded by Slocum which makes pop music and videos using obsolete 1970s and 1980s computer and videogame gear, accompanied by female vocals. Slocum hacked the classic Atari 2600 videogame Combat and added a music driver so that the game plays background music. The gameplay is unaffected except that the sound effects are removed.

c=64 synth, 2008
Software for Commodore 64

c=64 synth is a software for Commodore 64 computer that converts this obsolete platform into a musical instrument, that the user can play like a keyboard. As he explains: “I was interested in creating a SID synth that’s very cheap, simple, portable, reasonbly reliable, and tends to produce stuff that sounds different from a lot of the other SID stuff out there, mainly because it’s played instead of sequenced.”