Antonio Cavadini aka Tonylight lives and works in Milano. As a musician and explorer, he has been fascinated by 8-bit music since the beginning and joined the community. He plays the Game Boy and old computers like NES and Atari ST since 2001.Due to the simplicity of the applied tools, he finds lightness and freshness in the 8-bit scene. He feels particularly attracted to the project, a community where he finds friends with similar interests.

6-Bit Noise Generator, 2008
Wooden box and electronic spare parts

The 6-Bit Noise Generator is a compact live instrument. Tonylight made it using recycled electronic spare parts. The idea is to recreate the sound of old computers using modern microprocessors. Modern microprocessors are like old computers inside one chip. With the 6-Bit Noise Generator you can create and play around many different levels of noise.

Courtesy: Fabio Paris Art Gallery, Brescia
Acknowledgements: L.E.P.

Space LED, 2009
Plexiglas box, led, electronic spare parts

Space LED is a small monitor manually assembled by the artist, with extreme patience. The 192 white LEDs are controlled by a microprocessor and display a series of images from the cartridges of 8-bit era videogames such as Space Invaders, and a series of customized animations inspired by the videogame world.

Courtesy: Fabio Paris Art Gallery, Brescia
Acknowledgements: L.E.P.