enso is Alex Bond, a visual artist, live visualist, and illustration student from NY currently living in Philly. His art draws inspiration equally from 8-bit aesthetics as it does the fine arts. He has performed at numerous concerts in North America, and his work has been featured on Boing Boing's Offworld as well as exhibited in the Esther M. Klein Gallery in Philadelphia. He runs the blogs Pixelstyle ( and Grafik (

Magnificent Desolation, 2010
Digital prints

Magnificent Desolation is a series exploring the possibilities of lo-fi pixel based artwork. Each piece is a binary image, that is, a 1-bit monochrome bitmap. The images were created digitally, then printed out and run through a fax machine that was pulled out of a dumpster. The resulting copy was then scanned, completing the cycle of digital to physical, back to digital again. The result is a fading black-and-white transmission from a dystopian future that has barely reached its recipient.