Kenny Smith is a new media designer based in Wellington, New Zealand. He is currently finishing a Bachelor of Design, specialising in digital media. Kenny uses interactive design, electronics, performance technology and animation to create exciting experiences in a variety of new media.

Burgerville in 3D, 2009
Video, 03:09 min

Burgerville in 3D is a funny, joyful videoclip created for the song Semiasy, by the Swedish musician Goto80. The video is an interactive real-time collaboration, where one person operates the virtual camera and the other person controls Burgerville's animations. While not directly addressing old computers and 8bit aesthetics, Burgerville in 3D is a tasteful example of the DIY aesthetics and the playful approach to technologies that became one of the watermarks of the chiptune scene.

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Video by boogerlab; music by Goto80.