Raúl Berrueco and Raquel Meyers founded Entter as a collaborative platform focused on New Media art and design. Its current member is Raúl (Santander, 1977). Entter mix old and new hardware and software technology using self-designed and -coded programs and often surprise audiences with special setups such as LED (light-emitting diode) wall. Along last two years Entter has been working with several companies, festivals, clubs, art centers, and galleries across Europe (Stockholm, Geneva, Marseille, Oslo, Lärz, Madrid, Leicester, Zurich, Barcelona, Göteborg, Avignon...), Asia (Seoul, Tokyo) and North America (New York, Atlanta).

Video, 04:47 min

Polygonal Canyon is inspired by the first videogames, the Ciberpunk as well as from urban legends and the world developed from those virtual systems seen throughout the 80’s (such as Polybius and Tron. The video is a modification of the NES game Attack Animal Gakuen (1989). All of the formal elements are stirred up reducing the game to a battle in which the user has to try to fight against the attack of a series of hostile poligonal shapes, which might suggest a flux of indecifrable data at mercy to cybernetic laws. The layout of the game is an abstract cyberspace which conforms to a maya in 3 dimensions which extends itself unmercifully to infinity.

The search for these abstract experiences go along with the direction of the latest pieces developed by Entter (Raul Berrueco) and Goto80 (Anders Carlsson) in which they have suppressed practically all of the links with the real world in the search for a language proper to electronic art which references itself through different elements coming from software culture and virtual reality. 

Video: Entter. Music: Goto80