"Some veejays need expensive high end pc's or macs to display a bunch of grey lines. The c-men only need 2 amiga computers, a 320x256 resolution in 16 colours and a couple of redbulls to send those graphic designer vj's home with burnt retinas. For nearly 10 years the C-Men have been displaying their bright, comic styled, abstract and intricate visuals from Barcelona to Pusan, Los Angeles to Hamar, Moscow to Madrid, Tallinn to Florence, New York to Petrozavodsk, Bergen to St. Petersburg, Brussels and Las Vegas back to hometown Enschede".

Droid Duck, 2010

Droid Duck features original Amiga visuals treated on a modern PC. The main character seems to be lost in an electronic environment, whose peculiar aesthetics underline the link between the chiptune movement and the cyberpunk mythology. Do droid ducks dream electric sheep, too?

Video by The C-Men. Music by Psilodump