Julien Ducourthial is a french artist and designer, multiplexing computer styles & time-zones into an iconoclastic and cryptographic brand of collages and artworks. He is running his project Interleaved Bitmap (www.ilbm.info).

fastgraph (borders), 2010
Digital print, 70x100cm
fastgraph (ii), 2010
Digital print, 70x100cm

“My work is an iconoclast approach to computer imagery (coming out through cd-roms & cliparts collections published in the 90s). I mainly work collages from various sources (icons, vectors, 3d, photos) and materialize them with a stylish graphic design. I'm trying to move the pictures to another level than the illustrative field. I try to ask our relation to the medias today: surabondances and perishing images, the trends and the vanity.

I have a background in artschool / graphic design and worked various covers for album releases, veejaying and artworks related to the 8bit scene (under my alias otro). I was interested by this scene because I always trusted I could do something out of all these graphics culture (demoscene and amiga commodore paintings), it's both joining an amateur culture and a radical artistic view, very fresh and non-formal. I made my project ilbm.info (interleaved bitmap) in 2008 as an opening to my ideas of what could be bitmap artworks today, it's taking the picture format name from the amiga as a point of beginning and vernacular transgression.”

Julien Ducourthial