Chantal GORET


Born in Belgium in 1974, Jean-Michel Dewez started programming when he was 9 on his Sinclair ZX81. He went on coding Basic and Assembler on Commodore 64 until the 1990, when he stopped computing and he started playing rock and grunge in a band as bass-guitar. Since then, he has been pizzaiolo, commercial seller, bicycle courrier, photographer, stuntman, actor, horse's stockbreeder, he played electronics and didgeridoo, made snowboard and surf. In 2006 he attended his first 8bit concerts in Sweden. Then he started again to programme stuff on commodore 64. In 2006 he also invited goto80 for his first concert in Verviers, and became Chantal Goret. In 2008 he released his first official solo album, father's milk.

Kraft, 2008
Video, 04:24 min

Kraft is a videoclip for a track included in the album Father's Milk, released in 2008 by the Belgian label Unrezt. Chantal Goret codes his songs and visuals on a Commodore 64. In Kraft, he mixes low-res footage of himself at work with visuals coming from the videogame Jal, released as a bonus with his album father's milk and playable on an emulator. Like his songs, his videos display a raw, dirty, amateur style that is a common feature in many chiptune music videoclips.

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Video and music by Chantal Goret