Anders Carlsson (, also known as Goto80, is a chipmusic composer and artist. Mats Andrén ( is a PhD student at the Centre for Languages and Literature at Lund University, Sweden. They live and work in Sweden.

HTGold, 2008
Modified videogame, installation

HT Gold is a thoroughly modified video game for two players. At first sight this peculiar piece could easily be abolished on the premise that it descends from another period, like a ruined hieroglyph from the past. But as visitors get closer they will notice that HT Gold actually functions very well – just on a different level than they were first aware of. The algorithms that define its steering, laws of physics, visualization, audio, and scoring have all been destabilized and infused with new forms of logic, which has the effect of visualizing the standardized conventions of the video game genre and the corresponding typified expectations of its “consumers”. Thus, it provides an alternative to what it means, or may mean, to inhabit an engagement with a video game, as a form of being-in-theworld (Heidegger, 1962).

The ‘journey’ that the duo from Sweden undertook while creating the artwork could be described in terms of Debord (1981), namely as a dérive, a trip without a destination. A dérive entails drifting off course, straying or wandering while still being aware of the psycho-geographical effects of your environment.

Made in collaboration with Mats Andrén