Erik Nilsson is a Swedish artist with roots in the Swedish BBS scene, and is working as an artist of fine arts, studying at the Academy of fine arts in Umeå, Sweden. He is one of the founders of the ascii group Divine Stylers and a member of the demo group Up Rough Soundsystem. Since early 90’s he’s been mainly working on the Amiga, but since about 10 years been more focusing on the text graphic format petscii on the Commodore 64 and is now a member of the legendary c64 petscii group Judas. His general works is investigating the moving picture in all kinds of forms and formats and tries to in a non direct sense make the aduience get a personal feeling for the context. Expressions like animations, mechanical sculptures and sound is his main focus.

Come Together, 2009
Video, 04:39 min

Come Together is a music video for the musician GOTO80. It is made online on a real C64 BBS (running C*Base) connected to telnet, wich displays the graphics as they are presented when the bbs shows text in a public post (mail) and then captured on video. The display speed of the writing is like the modems in the old days; 2400 bps. The song and the video was released on the label  8 bit operators (

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Video by Erik Nilsson; music by Goto80