(CH) was brought to life in 1998 by Carl (Gino Esposto, Zürich) and superB (Michael Burkhardt, Basel) under the code name “futurelab”. “Musical research” is the most accurate description of the activities. Even though music produced on low-budget equipment and retro videogame sounds was the focus at the beginning of the project, also focused on how to build up “special interest communities”, advanced real-time communication tools and highly optimized interface design. Their multimedia website is unique, the very active micro-community counts almost 3,000 people now and the quality of the uploaded low-tech tunes has reached a level which defines a new standard in the territory of low-tech music and online music communities.

microbuilder – community construction kit, Version 1.0: 2003; Version 2.0: 2009-2010
Internet and mixed media

microbuilder presents all the accumulated knowledge and the years of work which made – the first 8-bit and low-tech music Internet community platform – an interactive, creative and vivid community on a high level. The microbuilder package is interesting for all those people who want to build their own community platform and read about what the team was doing in the last ten year to build up, extend and run their system and community. The microbuilder package offers all you need for creating an internet community successfully. The software can be installed easily, you learn quickly how to operate the system and the package is simple to adapt and extend.
In the book you can browse through the history of Internet communities, the process of building up and other online projects. Illustrations and graphic art work from artists will give you a lasting visual impression and the installation guide makes the software installation process as quick-and-easy as possible. And of course you can listen to the included audio CD while wearing one of the included buttons on your microbuilder t-shirt. All of it is wrapped up in a design price awarded box (Swiss Design 2003 Award winner).

Courtesy: the artist & Paco Manzanares
Supported by Migros Kulturprozent, Bundesamt für Kultur (Swiss Design 2003)