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Catalogue (LABoral)

Download (.pdf) the catalogue of the original Playlist exhibition as published by LABoral


iMal's Flickr set (photos by Marie-Laure Delaby & Greg Alveolis)

Domenico Quaranta's Flickr set

Marc Wathieu's Flickr set

Rosa Menkman's Flickr set

Yhancik's Flickr set



By VJ Visualoop

Presse (iMAL)

Agenda Brussels Deze Week / The Unexplored Possibilities of the Commodore by Michaël Bellon (18/6/2010)
FM Brussel / Door expo Playlist met Marie-Laure Delaby by Johan De Smet (22/06/2010)

Télé Bruxelles / Le Journal (13/07/2010)

RTBF radio (La Première) / Culture Club (19/7/2010)

Poptronics / Playlist expose la 8-bit génération

YGAW / Tech everywhere, the retro show

Press (LABoral)

we-make-money-not-art / Playlist - Playing Games, Music, Art by Régine Debatty
/ Playlist, it's not (just) about nostalgia by Régine Debatty
/ Playlist - the physical dimension by Régine Debatty
Libération (French)
/ "Playlist" secoue les puces by Marie Lechner
Exibart (Italian)
/ Old New Media asturiani by Valentina Tanni
Serial Consign
/ 8 bit Rockers by Greg J. Smith
/ Playlist Exhibition: Materialism vs Symbolics, Music vs Visuals by Anders Carlsson
I like magazine (Spanish)
/ Reciclaje tecnologico como arma creativa by Yéssica Alonso (download pdf)
La Vanguardia (Spanish) / Super Mario es el mensaje by Arnau Horta (download pdf)

Press Kit (iMAL)

Download (.pdf) the press release.
Download (.zip) high res images.
Download (.pdf) the flyer.
Download (.pdf) the poster.