Laura Colmenares Guerra

Laura Colmenares is a Colombian visual artist based in Brussels. In 2002 she obtained a Masters degree in Audiovisual Media at Los Andes University in Bogota and in 2008 a Postgraduate Master in Transmedia Studies, Brussels. In 2000 she started her artistic career working as a VJ while developing both visual pieces and audiovisual immersive installations. Her artistic creations are related to the practice of the art of performance; regardless of whether it is herself or her audience that intervene in it. Either way, she creates an atmosphere that leads the visitor to be involved in and with the artwork.


Over the past decade Laura has made a career out of developing personal and collaborative projects in the field of media art. Her work has been recently presented in Beirut-Lebanon, for the festival CreaNumerica under the frame of  “Les Jeux de la Francophonie, 2009”. In June 2009 in the Arts Center of Enghien-Les-Bains, for the festival: Les Bains Numériques #4, with the project “Percept”, collaboration with Jacques Urbanska and Thomas Israel.

She collaborated as well with the artists Todor Todoroff and Yacine Sebti for the project “Lungs [the breather]”, and is currently collaborating with the artists Kristina Ianachkova and Yanncik Antoine.

Laura was been commissioned to produce video works for The Flanders Fields Museum in Iper-Belgium, by the Natural Science Museum in Brussels and by the Brussels Parliament for its 20th anniversary, between others.

She was granted by the Vlaamse Overheid (Flemish Government of Belgium) in 2008 for the project “Lungs [the breather]”, and recently granted by the French Community of Belgium for the project “Unstable Territories”, which is currently in residency at Imal, Brussels, under the frame of the “Plate-forme Virage” research project.