Territoires instables

The action of walking in Unstable Territories implies the desire to pierce and irrigate the landscape.
Unstable territories is a rusty landscape. Formed of traces of history, those bring memories of abandoned objects and stories, an improvised run away. Is dark and cold, and at the same it feels close and personal. It drives the memory into a visceral state of dark warmness. Like a known dream, a known space where you’ve been before… Its fundamental source of inspiration comes from “Pollen”, a cyberpunk novel written by Jeff Noon. The city of Manchester is changing into a world controlled by the Vurt, the world of dreams. Modifying the map of Manchester city and introducing a biological virus to take over the control of the city, is the mission of Persephone, the daughter of the creator of the Vurt. Persephone roots herself into the real world spreading pollen seeds...

Laura Colmenares Guerra


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