Call for volunteers

We’re looking for Students or volunteers for reception desk iMAL.

From 05 March to 31 May iMAL presents the exhibition Quantum. In Search of the Invisible.
Do you find joy in receiving people and show them around in an exhibition? And you are not afraid to speak your languages (FR, ENG, NL)? Do you have a special love for (digital) art? Or maybe even a scientific lump?

In that case you are very welcome as a student, intern or volunteer to help out at our reception desk and caretaking for the exhibition.

We will work in shifts of 3 hours, but working two shifts a day is possible:
We - Fr: 13h-16h & 16h - 19h Sa - Sun: 11h - 14h & 14h - 17h

Together with one of the colleagues you will take care of the reception and now and then walk through the exhibition. You will be expected to answer the questions visitors have and meanwhile see to it that all the (video) installations function well.

We imagine that you: not shun to turn the exhibition (video and digital media) on and off independently
...kindly welcomes our guests and can answer their questions
...are punctual
...can operate the cash register, following an accurate the instructions given to you...
...can offer guests a cup of tea or coffee
...are also willing to do the occasional little administrative work

We offer you:
... a nice side job at regular times (to be agreed on) between 05 March and 31 May.
... a volunteer fee or student salary in accordance with the legal rules
... free access to our exhibitions throughout the year + the possibility to bring a friend at any time.

Are you interested?
Please contact us as soon as possible:
Katrien Reist / 0488 571 669

About iMAL

iMAL aims to support artistic and creative practices using technologies as their medium. We are an Art Centre hosting exhibitions, conferences and performances around arts & cultures in a digital world but also a reflexion centre focused on research and debates around the critical issues of our technological society. Our creative Fablab encourages social inclusion and innovation towards a more sustainable development. With our educational programme, we aim to empower our community and to inspire the next generation to participate in digital culture.


Wednesday - Friday: 12h-19h
Saturday & Sunday: 11h-18h

30-34 Quai des Charbonnages / Koolmijnenkaai, box 9
B-1080 Brussels

Metro 1, 5: Comte de Flandre / Graaf van Vlaanderen
Tram 51: Porte de Flandre / Vlaamsepoort
Villo: Porte de Flandre / Vlaamsepoort


Monday: 18:30 - 22:00 | Saturday: 11:00 - 18:00
ATTENTION: Our Fablab is also moving to its new location, please send a mail to check the opening hours.

The use of our machines is limited to our FabLab members. To become a member, you need to:

  1. Visit our FabLab during the public hours, see the machines, discuss with our members and FabLab managers
  2. Register as a daily (15€), monthly (45€), or yearly (200€) member on our website
  3. Follow one of our introductory workshops for each machine (facultative)

Once you have completed your introduction, you can come during our public hours and use our machines for your projects!

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Wiki.iMAL is a hub to share projects and know-how generated at Fablab.IMAL and during iMAL workshops :