Lionel Maes

Lionel Maes is an artist, graphic designer and software developper. He is the cofounder of the graphic design studio La Villa Hermosa. The subject of Internet newsfeeds is recurrent in his work, both personnal and with La Villa Hermosa. He teaches in the "code writing" and "digital images" classes at the Brussels art schools ERG (École de Recherche Graphique, Brussels) and Le 75 (École Supérieure des Arts de l'Image le 75).



Join us for an inspiring summer under the digital sun and discover how to write code, to connect your projects to sensors and physical outputs, to build 3D models and print them, and much much more!


Join us for an inspiring summer under the digital sun and discover programming, physical computing, digital fabrication, 3D-modeling and more!


For this 13th edition of the DorkbotBRU, we’ve invited Lionel Maes, Romain Marula + Ivan Murit and François Zajéga to share with us their ongoing projects and/or experiments.


Lionel Maes will be in a one-month residency at iMAL with his project 'Homeopape'. 'Homeopape' is an installation that reacts to the newsfeed of the Belga news agency. On March 24th we invite you to discover a new version of 'Homeopape' at iMAL.


After 2 residencies at iMAL, Tom Heene and his colleagues artists, developers and scientists show during 3 days the results of the project Dark Matter. The research project investigates the way data from the web and our physical world can be merged and presented in a total user experience. It is supported by the Art&D programme of Interdisciplinary Institute for Broadband Technology. Partners are the Center for User Experience Research - CUO (KUL), WICA (UGent), NODEBOX and LAHAAG.

This 3rd DorkbotBRU will bring us through 3 projects into the world of networks, data flow, visualization and interfaces and how artists try to appropriate them. There is also some space for projects by hackers of Brussels. And this, of course, in a cosy way with Dj and open bar!


iMAL proposes in 2005 a unique experiment merging art education and digital culture public event: openLAB, a workshop and residence of 2 weeks for about 20 artists invited to produce digital art works such as interactive installations and audiovisual performances.