Acts of Presence

14 November - 6 December 2013
Acts of Presence
Audiovisual installations by Alexandra Dementieva, Wouter Huis, Stéfan Piat

An exhibition where different immersive strategies are gathered: from deceptive promises and impossible longings, to the suggestion to plunge mentally and physically into the presented scenery. Theses installations seeks to put the attention of the viewer into a borderline situation where he/she has an occasion to reflect the ambiguity of the immersivity of those images.

Alexandra Dementieva - Cycloramadrome

Stéfan Piat - Isola

Wouter Huis - Uhmlalala, Circus for your satisfaction

Arts/Sciences lecture by Malcolm Le Grice : Spectator, Presence and Encounter

Wednesday 27 November, 20:00

Malcolm Le Grice is a film and video artist. He has written critical and theoretical works including a history of experimental cinema and numerous articles on film, video and digital media. In this lecture, he will discuss the development of art focussing on the machine, as in Kinetic Sculpture, Photography, Film, Video and Digital technology.

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This exhibition is made possible by iMAL, Adem vzw, Greylight Projects.

With support of the Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie