30 Quai des Charbonnages
Koolmijnenkaai, 1080 Brussels
Art Center for Digital Cultures & Technology


.2021 20:00-22:00

iMAL is happy to host AiiiiiiiiiiiiiiAaAAIIIIIIIIIaaaaiiiiiiiiiiï, the very first event of a series highlighting iii (instrument inventors initiative) artists and productions.

This special evening will feature 5 performances by interdisciplinary multimedia artists Görkem Arikan, Marije Baalman, Mischa Daams, Yun Lee and Philip Vermeulen, whose works evolve at the intersection of audiovisual performance, installation, creative coding, machine learning, light and sound manipulation.

iii is an artist run, community platform supporting new interdisciplinary practices linking performance, technology and the human senses based in The Hague, The Netherlands.

For more info about each artist and work please see below.

Assembled with love by Anastasia Loginova (iii) and Ana Ascencio (iMAL)


  • Görkem Arikan presents Singing Sparks
    Singing Sparks is a performative sound installation that has been born out of research concerned with noise and listening in the field of car mechanics. The idea of the piece was cultivated at the gatherings at car-mechanic Ibrahim Tokkaya's garage, utilizing spare car parts from his inventory. Driven by an engine-inspired algorithm, ignition coils generate regular and stochastic walks and transitions pronounced by four spark plugs and custom loudspeakers. The controlled randomness in the Singing Sparks' nature gives it a playful behavior. On the other hand, the open structure of the system to the interaction interfaces makes it a versatile instrument.

  • Marije Baalman presents The Machine is Learning
    The theatrical performance the machine is learning questions the labour involved in the process of training a machine with realtime gestures. In an attempt to livecode with gestures, the performer finds herself directed by the machine to repetitively make movements to generate data samples for the machine to learn from.

  • Mischa Daams presents Lopendebandwerk
    When you give a tall standing object a gentle push, it loses its balance and starts rocking back and forth until it re-stabilizes or falls down. As a perceiver of such an in-between state you are surrendered to suspense, as your awareness heightens and your belly is clenching, preparing for the impact of a possible fall. Lopendebandwerk is a playful choreography in which Mischa Daams performs with the visceral and sonic qualities of such unstable states by controlling a transportbelt to move tall objects into limbo.

  • Yun Lee presents Katamari Damacy: a framework for erasure
    This lecture performance about internet culture and acceleration centers around Katamari Damacy as a framework of erasure. In a drinking binge, the king of all cosmos knocks all the stars out of the universe.In an effort to amend this catastrophic mistake, the prince is sent to earth with a katamari (a round recording medium) to collect enough objects to form a star. The katamari continuously picks things up and occasionally knocks them off (additive and subtractive processes of curating the new world) as it bumps into larger objects, becoming an ever-shifting and growing, honking, screaming, and rumbling mass of giant octopuses, skyscrapers, and islands (hybrid and mutating collectivity), until it is large enough to form a new star to add to a reconstructed universe (a new state, but not a complete tabula rasa).

  • Philip Vermeulen presents FanFanFan
    With Fanfanfan Philip Vermeulen presents a series of "hyper sculptures", 3D shapes rotating at very high speed. White light is projected on them, which interfere with the rotating materials. An astonishing colour spectrum emerges, accompanied by all kinds of fascinating stroboscopic phenomena.

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