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Puce Mary — Thursday

Puce Mary


Puce Mary is a Danish experimental and noise artist known for her fierce live performances and releases on Copenhagen’s Posh Isolation and Berlin’s Pan records. Frederikke Hoffmeier brings a new era of industrial, noise and electronic music, with different levels of emotional complexity and slow-evolving layers of sound. She is constantly pushing the borders of contemporary electronics.

Her debut release under the name Puce Mary, Piss Flowers, was issued in cassette format in 2010. During this time, Hoffmeier collaborated with Loke Rahbek, (Croatian Amor, one half of Damien Dubrovnik), on multiple cassette-only releases. Her debut full-length album, Success, was released in 2013 on Posh Isolation. The record was followed by 2014's Persona. Around this time, she obtained a residency at EMS, a state-funded experimental music studio in Stockhom.

In 2015, Hoffmeier collaborated with Rahbek on the full-length release, The Female Form. The following year saw the release of her fourth solo studio album, The Spiral. She also collaborated on the project Body Sculptures, acollaborative album and live performance featuring Varg (Northern Electronics) and Loke Rahbek. Her 2018 album, The Drought, was released on PAN tand received a world-wide critical acclaim. 

Hoffmeier has recently collaborated with Drew McDowall (Coi)l, Yves Tumor and in 2020, she scored the film Kød & Blod, which was directed by Jeanette Nordahl