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Alexis Choplain’s SIGNO_ is the final form of a series of experiments and creations that aimed to master an optical phenomenon. Between two specific states of sound and light, this phenomenon forces a stream of water to enter a vibratory state.

The first prototype, titled Uninvisible, was produced in 2015 by Transcultures during the Emergence Sonore workshop. It was the first step of an exploration around the concept of aquatic choreography, that has since become one of the main research focus of the artist.

After several related works, like Uninvisible Lab #2, the artist wanted to considerably expand the initial concept, which was based analogue devices.

SIGNO_ adds digital technologies and programming, to enable interactivity between each of the project’s components. It aims to to fully exploit this visual phenomenon that was previous only visible in two dimensions; to spread it into three-dimensional space and explore its whole potential.