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EASTN-DC (2017-2022)

The European Art - Science - Technology Network (EASTN) for Digital Creativity is a project running from 2017 to 2022 that emerged from several European institutions involved in research, technology development, creation and education in the field of technologies applied to artistic creation.

In the framework of EASTN-DC, iMAL produced 3 projects by Julien Clauss + Olivier Perriquet, Marko Ciciliani & Mathieur Zurstrassen.

At European Level, this network is coordinated by ACROE (Grenoble, France) and supported by the Culture Program of the European Union. Since its launch in January 2014, this network has allowed the reception in residence of 40 European artists or collectives, and the creation of many unique pieces.

Partners : ACROE (Grenoble, FR), Grenoble INP (Grenoble, FR) ; Cardiff School of Art and Design (Cardiff, UK) ; ZKM (Karlsruhe DE) ; MisoMusicPortugal (Lisbonne, PT) ; Ionian University (Corfu, GR) ; Aalborg University (Copenhagen, DK) ; The Royal College of Music (Stockholm, SE) ; SMAC de Romans (Romans-sur-Isère, FR), Cuneo Conservatorio (Cuneo, IT) ; Université de Manchester (UK), OpenUp Music (Bristol, UK), Ljudmila (Ljubjana, SI).


The EASTN-DC project proposes to work in the study and experimentation, in full size, of the processes at the borders of the 5 Research | Creation | Learning | Sharing | Industry poles.

It means that a creative activity will question or test its link with research, and/or its link with pedagogy, or with economy, etc. : EASTN-DC will work towards the development of these cross-border approaches, with a view to their formalization as a model until they become a culture.

These concrete actions are of 3 types :

  • The development of new creations and content, in an activity identified as : EASTN-DC "Residence"
  • Encounters of these new creations with the public, in an activity identified under the term: EASTN-DC "Touring"
  • The shaping of materials, work and contents to ensure their sharing and sustainability, in the activity identified under the term : EASTN-DC "Communication".

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