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Quantum Opening Friday

.2020 12:00-21:00


12:00 → 21:00
Visit of the exhibition
17:00 → 18:30
PANEL DISCUSSION: 'When Science Meets Art'
19:00 → 20:00
PANEL DISCUSSION: 'Trapping the Objectless'
20:00 → 20:30
AV-PERFORMANCE: 'Mucilaginous Omniverse'


Panel discussion with co-curator Monica Bello (Arts at CERN) and artists Jack Jelfs (hrm199), Suzanne Treister, Diann Bauer, Yu-Chen Wang.

Arts at CERN is the leading art and science program which fosters the dialogue between artists and physicists. Thanks to its Collide initiative, artists Diann Bauer, Jack Jelfs (hrm199), Suzanne Treister and Yu-Chen Wang have been invited for a residency to further their artistic practice in connection with fundamental research at CERN.
Moderated by Monica Bello (Head of Arts at CERN and co-curator of Quantum: In Search of the Invisible), this panel will gather each artist’ experience, stories and anecdotes. How does artistic creation directly relate to scientific research and how these encounters between the artists and particle physicists may have change their way of doing art.

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Panel discussion between Prof. Tommaso Calarco (Director of the Institute for Quantum Control, DE and Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Cologne) and artists Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand

Through the lenses of phenomenological art and the 2nd quantum revolution, the speakers will discuss quantum analogues and the current collaboration between artists Evelina Domnitch, Dmitry Gelfand and Prof. Dr. Tommaso Calarco (Director of the Institute for Quantum Control, DE and Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Cologne), exploring electrodynamics ion traps.
Enabling direct observations of exotic physical phenomena, the artworks prod the slippery frontiers of perceptibility, objectification and quantum simulation.

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Audiovisual performance by Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand

Arising from underneath a bath of silicone oil, low frequency sound waves mobilize a pillow of air just above the liquid’s surface, preventing failing oil droplets from coalescing with the bath. As these palpitating spheroids bounce on the air-oil interface, their repeated impact incites capillary waves that interlock with the waves of neighboring droplets.
It was discovered in the early 2000s that these bouncing droplets offer macroscopic analogues of quantum behavior, such as quantized orbital motion, quantum tunneling and wave-particle duality.

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