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Workshop: Patch your way to the metaverse

27 + 28 + 29.01 /// 10:00 - 17:00

This is a 3 day workshop

Virtual Reality is not just a novelty, but a maturing, emergent medium that challenges us with new ways of making music and art. The Patchathon is a chance for artists to work expressively right on that bleeding edge. It sets artists loose on in-development environment with the musical tools necessary to realize the full gamut of their imaginative possibilities.

PatchWorld is a uniquely open-ended platform with a full range of customization and custom development possible, without programming. It’s a stage for artists to work with modular sound, movement and full-body interactions, and a complete set of sonic and visual customization. Participants are free to create their own instruments and their own immersive worlds.

At a time when artists have been starved for expressive arenas, Patch.XR gives us a world that is fully embodied, full-sensory, and emotional.

Patchathon assembles a select group of tech savy artists, who are given the opportunity to work together in a collaborative environment to produce solo or partnered work in the PatchXR environment. Beginning with boot-camp instruction and skills mini-workshops, the participants will work intensively in self-driven creative exploration, but with access to the developers and under the wing of Super Patcher Gad Barush Hinkis. With a set of tools that is so young, deep, and open-ended, it’s a rare chance for artists and platform creators to exchange ideas and get their hands directly on a new and evolving medium.

Learn how to build and record your own interactive, immersive music show in VR with PatchWorld.

In this workshop, we invite teck savy artists and music producers to learn the basic of PatchXR VR music tool, and get started in creating a Metaverse performance. Super Patcher Gad Barush Hinkis and the patchXR developper team, will teach the PatchWorld tools, how to think about, and how to produce a metaverse concert that brings the audience into your music, your studio and can even invite the viewer to collaborate. All of this is possible with no code or technical experience required, thanks to the PatchWorld VR app and the guidance of the patch team.

The workshop will take place over the course of 3 days, with group sessions, plenty of time to create your own work and for us to answer your specific creative dreams and needs to make it happen.

The last day we will make a presentation of the creations

Participants will receive a VR headset with PatchWorld installed to use during the event and will start working on their projects together with Gad Hinkis , head of content at PatchXR

This workshop is made in collaboration with L.E.V. Festival (Gijón/Madrid, Spain) under the framework of Realities in Transition, a project cofunded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union


A few or all of the following:

  1. Visual or audio programming skills, experience with node based programming such as PD or max/msp.

  2. Sound design experience

  3. 3D modeling

  4. Artistic vision and desire to create interactive, immersive works.


Gad Baruch Hinkis has been a music tech innovator for 20 years. He started his path into music technology by producing Hip-hop, Breakcore, and electro-swing with his many projects in Israel, Berlin, and the whole of Europe, where he developed his own techniques to improvise live electronic music on stage by hacking game controllers and music software. Over the years, Gad became set on bringing the power of music creation to the masses with his playful, easy-to-use digital instruments. As co-founder of music making app Jambl, he provided a new musical instrument to over 7 million young beat makers. Gad’s latest involvement in PatchXR as the product owner of PatchWorld, brings music creation, instrument design, gaming, and visual art into one umbrella and empowers everyone to interact with music in previously unimaginable ways, thanks to the virtual and augmented reality.

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