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ANNULÉ: Cinema Parenthèse

.2020 19:00


Malheureusement, à la lumière des nouvelles mesures prises par le gouvernement dans le cadre du crise COVID, nous devons annuler cet événement. Nous étudions actuellement les possibilités d'organiser cet événement à une date ultérieure.


Attention: Evénément en anglais

Cinema Parenthèse #27 and iMAL are very pleased to invite the german filmmaker HELGA FANDERL to present a personally selected super 8 film program. As a student of both Peter Kubelka and Robert Breer, Fanderl has created her own specific working methods, attitudes, and cinematic expressions. For instance, it is crucial for her to confront and work in the present, to process the various pro-cinematic impressions directly in the camera (as a kind of live filming) without any form of post-production. Here, her powerful and observant gaze captures small details on the street, the changing effects of sunlight, the different colour expressions of things, and the spontaneous patterns of movement in the city and nature in beautiful, intense and flowing montages.

Fanderls practice is also characterised by the particular approach of presenting the films from the centre of the audience: usually she projects the films herself within the screening space where each unique program forms a montage of individual films that together combine a momentary and unrepeatable 'new' film. The interaction of varied motif, color and rhythm in the films, constantly generates new connections and interweavings which transform each screening into a distinctive and living performance.

My films record encounters with events and images in the real world that attract me.
There is no postproduction in my work. Every single film preserves and reflects the traces
of its creation, the sensations and emotions I felt in the moment of filming.

– Helga Fanderl

PROGRAM: Films (1992-2020)

Cinema Parenthèse and Helga Fanderl

⋄ Karussell / Carousel
⋄ Wasserpflanzen / Water Plants
⋄ Blätter auf dem Glasdach / Leaves on a Glass Roof
⋄ Für R. / For R.
⋄ Im Jardin du Luxembourg / In the Luxembourg Garden
⋄ Wasserskulptur / Water Sculpture
⋄ Theo’s Pfirsiche / Theo’s Peaches
⋄ Im Sprühnebel / In the Mist

Super 8, silent, colour


⋄ Vögel am Checkpoint Charlie / Birds at Checkpoint Charlie
⋄ Ostberlin / East Berlin
⋄ Tunnel
⋄ Aus dem Empire State Building / From the Empire State Building
⋄ Tortelloni
⋄ Wilde Wasser / Wild Waters
⋄ Eisbär / Polar Bear
⋄ The Color Run
⋄ Mona Lisa (2013)
⋄ Löwenkopfbrunnen / Fountain with a Lion’s Head
⋄ Gasometer II
⋄ Schlittenfahren / Sledging
⋄ Im Schnee / In the Snow
⋄ Nacht am Kanal / Night on a Canal
⋄ Schneefall / Snowfall
⋄ Weiße Blumen / White Flowers
⋄ Wildgänse / Wild Geese

Super 8 to 16mm, silent, black&white

Cinema Parenthèse and Helga Fanderl

About Cinema Parenthèse

Cinema Parenthèse est un collectif d’écrivains, programmateurs et cinéastes organisant des rencontres et des projections de films à Bruxelles. Les membres sont Wendy Evan, Els van Riel, Nicky Hamlyn, Daniel A. Swarthnas et Arindam Sen.

iMAL accueillera Cinema Parenthèse tous les derniers dimanches du mois.

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