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NaturArchy: Lament performance


In recent years we have seen an increase in violent wildfires, destroying natural areas and taking human lives, often leading to trauma among the individuals and communities who suffer through them. Lament, a performance and installation, explores death from a more-than-human perspective. By stepping back from data-driven responses related to restoration and monitoring, the artwork embraces overlooked stories of transformation in post-wildfire environments.

Extending the project to vulnerable communities offers those affected by wildfires a way to develop resilience, voice environmental grief, mourn for the loss and eventually make space for regrowth. This work is the result of 2 years transdisciplinary research with scientists and policymakers on issues of wildfires.

20:00 - presentation

The performance will be followed by a ‘show and tell’ with the artists and a presentation of a participatory artwork developed by the artist together with inhabitants of the Portuguese community of Santa Comba Dão who faced a megafire in 2017 Portuguese community of Santa Comba Dão.


NaturArchy is produced by the SciArt project of the European commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC), with iMAL.

Supported by the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Artwork featured in the visual: Margherita Pevere – Lament (detail of the glassware with burned soil sample). Photo courtesy of the artist.