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Letta Shtohryn

Чули? Чули

The project "Чули? Чули" (Have you heard? We’ve heard) navigates the boundaries between the virtual and physical realms, shifting roles and blending identities through embodied interaction in a video game setting. It questions the roles of protagonists and antagonists in our realities, intrigued by the mystery of people's existence behind online personas and explores authority through a woman's story of encountering giants underground.

Her narrative, processed by AI using online misinformation methods, guides the player, reminiscent of early text-based video games like Colossal Cave Adventure.

In this polished CGI environment, the ambiguity surrounding the roles of players and NPCs, and the question of whether the world accurately reflects the narratives we are led to believe, remains.

Letta Shtohryn

Letta Shtohryn (UA / EU) works with XR, CGI, VR, machinima and video games.
Her academic background is in philosophy and photography. Letta is a PhD candidate in Digital Arts.
Currently she is based at Ars Electronica's Founding Lab in Linz, Austria, where she explores embodiment, myth-making, and belief via XR.
In her work, Letta explores posthumanism, SFs, intuitive epistemologies, entanglements with machines, avatars, aliens, monsters, ghosts.
Recently, her works have been shown at the Ars Electronica festival (AT), Goldsmiths College, London (UK), Centre Pompidou (FR), Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna (AT), MUZA (MT), Milan Machinima Festival (IT), Frieze Art Fair (NYC).


Portrait: Patrick Münnich