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Letta Shtohryn

Chuly? Chuly

At RiT residency at iMaL, the project "Chuly? Chuly" has moved from the prototype stage to a fully structured performance, with the mentorship of Crew Brussels and the collaboration of dramaturg Julie-Michèle Morin and dancer Marion Bosetti.

The work development at iMaL has focused on enhancing the immersive experience dramaturgically and technologically. We have particularly explored deliberate motion capture (MoCap) un/calibration in order to understand how different types of movement, movement speed, and object-to-sensor proximity affect the un/calibration of the dancer's avatar. These experiments have informed adjustments to interaction mechanics, ensuring that the physical movements of the dancer and player are accurately represented in the XR world and subsequently decoupled via un/calibration at choreographically necessary points.

With the mentorship of Crew Brussels, we have developed an intro and outro, co-written with Julie-Michèle Morin, to add a VR layer of experience and a live face-to-avatar stream. This further fragmentation of the story also strengthened the viewer's connection between the core narrative in the intro and its mutated forms throughout the work. The outro, or final scene, highlights the conceptual parallels between the core narrative and our interpretation of the contemporary giants it describes—of planetary scale, ambiguous, unidentifiable, yet that exercise power on macro, micro, and cognitive levels.

Letta Shtohryn

Letta Shtohryn (UA / EU) works with XR, CGI, VR, machinima and video games.
Her academic background is in philosophy and photography. Letta is a PhD candidate in Digital Arts.
Currently she is based at Ars Electronica's Founding Lab in Linz, Austria, where she explores embodiment, myth-making, and belief via XR.
In her work, Letta explores posthumanism, SFs, intuitive epistemologies, entanglements with machines, avatars, aliens, monsters, ghosts.
Recently, her works have been shown at the Ars Electronica festival (AT), Goldsmiths College, London (UK), Centre Pompidou (FR), Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna (AT), MUZA (MT), Milan Machinima Festival (IT), Frieze Art Fair (NYC).


Portrait: Patrick Münnich