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Thread #1: Art/Science

When we talk about art/science, we can only ask ourselves a lot of questions.

What can arts bring to science and vice versa? How can they work together when their methodologies, and even languages, tend to respond to completely different aims and criteria?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of these collaborative experiments? Can they positively impact each other? What are the benefits of such cooperation? And what are the secret ingredients for truly successful, transversal, equal connections between art and culture, university and research?

Thread #2: the fablab & makers movements

What are the lessons to be learnt from 30 years of fablab existence, 12 in the case of iMAL's? Have the fablab and makers movements lived up to their promises?

Between climate issues, people's emancipation, gender and colonialism, is it possible to believe in a radical and committed future for the fablab sphere?

Thread #3: Bricolage instruments

At the crossroads of electronics, digital & materiality, we want to explore the creation of music and sound, away from high-tech, hi-fi and hype cycles.

Come and get your hands dirty! We will take apart discarded equipment, recycle what's around us, or hybridise centuries-old traditions with digital craft. Together, let's imagine new DIY instruments that we can truly claim as ours.

The goal of course is to create sound, but also to challenge the relationship with our tools and to reflect on their context. Disassembling tech to deconstruct it. Building new instrument to build new narratives.