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Amandine David

About Amandine's residency at iMAL

Weaving Code is located at the crossroad of hand weaving, programming and 3D printing.

The basic computer language made of 0s and 1s originated in the automation of looms. Weaving code connects hand-weaving to 3D printing. While a piece of textile is produced on the loom, an object is generated by the computer using the same binary code. By turning weaving patterns into a programming language, Weaving code aims to explore how traditional crafts and digital tools can enhance each other and offer an alternative interpretation of technology at large.

During the residency at IMAL Fablab, Amandine will explore the aesthetical and technical opportunities created by the combination of woven textiles and 3D printed pieces.

The research will mix moments of weaving, theoretical research and experiments with the 3D printers at IMAL fablab.


"I am a Brussels based designer and researcher. Working with both technologists and craft masters, my practice is located at between traditional craft techniques and digital fabrication. I develop material based research in order to generate new aesthetics connecting the evolution of new technologies handicraft culture and their environment. I conceive tools, collaboration processes and languages, challenging the friction between machines and human knowledges.

I am also the co-founder of Hors Pistes, a nomadic residency program that initiates encounters between craftsmen and designers and explores the value of trans-disciplinary and cross-cultural collaborations."

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