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BetaCamp: SuperTele


In the context of the European project Realities in Transition, LEV Festival (Spain) and iMAL (Belgium) present BetaCamp, a hybrid live event bringing the audience in a journey around and beyond the borders of Extended Reality.

After its first chapter at LEV, BetaCamp will teleports to iMAL on the 5 and 6 July 2024!

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BetaCamp: SuperTele

Inspired by the fluid and ever-evolving nature of extended reality, BetaCamp: SuperTele, at iMAL invites its audience to embark on an extraordinary journey that explores and crosses the boundaries of extended reality. Questioning conventional perceptions of what XR can be, iMAL aims to open the conversation around XR as an artistic medium.

Delving beneath the glossy surface of novelty sales pitches, SuperTele introduces a dynamic hybrid space of critical reflection on its contribution to creative production through the eyes of inspiring practitioners throughout the years and mediums. How and why is extended reality used in contemporary artistic practices? What lessons can we learn from online spaces and 3D environments? How valuable can obsolete technologies be in a world of rapid technological progress?

Guided by iMAL's hosts the audience of SuperTele will have the opportunity to be introduced and reflect on old and new cutting-edge artistic explorations, participate in insightful discussions with pioneers of the field in a playful re-discovery of the past and an inspiring introduction to the unknown future of our extended realities.

BetaCamp part 1 - live from LEV (Spain)

04.07 (16:00-21:00) & 05.07 (12:00-17:00)

Full programme

BetaCamp part 2: SuperTele - live from iMAL

05.07 (17:00-21:00)
With: Auriea Harvey & Michael Samyn (entropy8zuper, Tale of Tales, Song of Songs), Nathalie Lawhead, Jeu Vide-A, Chia Amisola, Second Front,, and students from the digital art department at ESA St-Luc Bxl
06.07 (12:00-16:00)
With: Cade Diehm (New Design Congress), Xavier Klein, Loïs Soleil, Guus Vandeweerd, Letta Shtohryn, Vincent Moulinet (Fabbula) & Kristof Timmerman (Maxlab)

SuperTele is hosted by Karin de Wild, Gary Farrelly and Sara Hamedi


BetaCamp is co-produced by iMAL and LEV in the framework of Realities in Transition.
A project co-funded by Creative Europe (EU)

iMAL team: Élie Bolard, Ismini Kyritsis, Louise Wadier, Lucía García, Yannick Antoine

Tech team: Daniel Romero Calderon, Erland Jacobsen, Nell Jeusette, Lolha Rodriguez, Louanne Deltenre

SuperTele visuals: Ninon Queral & Noah Destrée

Dutch texts : William Vanderborght

Thanks to: CREW, Vincent Evrard

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