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Wim Deferme — Lumson

Wim Deferme

Wim Deferme obtained an engineering degree in Applied Physics at the Technical University of
Eindhoven in The Netherlands in 2003. He obtained a Ph.D. in Materials Physics at Hasselt University in 2009 on the surface termination of synthetic diamond. In 2009, as a postdoc, he started research in the field of Printable Electronics. Since February 2014, he has been a Professor at Hasselt University.

His research activities are focused on the printing and coating of functional materials for flexible, stretchable, conformal and organic electronics with applications in Organic Light Emitting Devices, printed sensors for wound and body monitoring, smart and stretchable wearables, and many more. Printing and coating techniques such as inkjet printing, screen printing, ultrasonic spray coating and the patented Spray-on-Screen printing are studied for their use in the deposition of functional materials such as AgNWs, CNT’s, Galinstan, …

The research focuses on the deposition of these materials and applications on non-rigid and/or non-flat substrates such as flexible foils, paper, textiles, stretchable silicones and 3D structures.

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