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The Cookery Live: Space Is Only Noise & Val Macé


We invite you to wrap up the first day of The Cookery 2024 with two live performances! Carlo Sampaolesi, discovered through our latest iPO call, will perform a piece for accordion, visuals and live electronics. Val Macé, former Fablab resident and workshop leader in this year's Cookery, will give a concert using his unconventional instruments.


Sound is Space.

And this performance is about spaces and the people who have inhabited them. All the spaces we have built and forgotten, occupied, lived and changed.

The concert is conceived as a single act, an uninterrupted sound event that has no beginning or end.

Trailer video

Concept and accordion: Carlo Sampaolesi
Visuals: Matteo Castiglioni
Electronics: Mattia Parisse
Choreographer: Jacob Storer
Fashion Designer: Francesca Pisano


Contemporary bricoleur Val Macé brings his machines to the stage for a recital of semi-improvised music. His unconventional instruments include a glass piano, dishware drums, a mechanised banjo, a lunchbox modulator, as well as an organ for recorders and bird calls.

This experience, with its whirring, clattering, dings, and dongs, will create stubborn melodies that oscillate vigorously between noise, chamber music, Balinese ensemble, retro-futuristic techno, and complex minimalism.

Val Macé will lead the Personal Music Partner workshop during The Cookery from 12 to 14 April!


The Cookery 2024 is possible thanks to the support of Innoviris; the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, through the transnational cooperation project "European Digital Deal"; and the Polish Institute.