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Art Center for Digital Cultures & Technology

Farida Amadou

About Farida's residency at iMAL

Farida's project "Entre-Temps" will focus on the simultaneous projection of two films. One of the screens will show an experimental video with very bright images, like flashes, strobes. The other will be a montage of images filmed by Farida during her train journeys and will, on the contrary, be very dark both in terms of the recording and the editing. The two videos will be linked to electronic sequencers which will control the video, the sound influencing the image and vice versa.

This work is the continuation of a sound and visual exhibition in preparation for the Europalia Trains & Tracks festival, the first part of which is a sound sculpture made of piano strings and welded steel.


Farida Amadou is a self-taught electric bassist based in Brussels.
Since 2011, her instrument has taken her from jazz standards to hip-hop grooves to free improvisation and performance.

Since 2017, she has continued her involvement in the free improvisation and experimental music scene with John Dikeman, Alex Ward, Steve Noble, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Peter Brötzmann and Thurston Moore and more recently, the visual and sound artist, Floris Vanhoof.

In 2020, Farida released two solo albums and became interested in sound and visual art, creating a multidisciplinary label, "19 Mars Productions", with the aim of encouraging performative encounters between musicians and visual artists.



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