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Invisible Seeds: Understanding indigenous knowledge through art


A workshop with indigenous artist Metsá Rama to learn about the worldview of the Shipibo-Conibo people through the practice of Kené painting.

Based on the skin patters of anaconda, the Kené designs of the of the Shipibo-Conibo people inhabiting the Peruvian Amazon have a deep symbolic meaning representing the geography of the forest and expressing beliefs about the connections between material and immaterial world.

During the workshop, the participants will have the opportunity to learn about Shipibo-Conibo art as well as culture and agricultural science through hands-on experimentation with the different Kené designs and the techniques for their production (from drawing the patterns to painting the Kené).

Metsá Rama

Metsá is a Shipibo artist, educator and translator who is dedicated to teaching, disseminating and enhancing the artistic expressions of the Shipibo-Konibo people.

She currently lives in Yarinacocha, but comes from the Paoyhan community in Ucayali, where the Invisible Seeds project currently exhibited at the iMAL has been developed.

Gala Berger

Gala Berger is a visual artist and independent curator, currently living in Lima, Perú.

Berger‘s work is rooted in Latin America, and for the development of her projects she builds independent spaces.

Co-founder of Casa MA [2018-2022] a community commit- ted to the dissemination of creative practices generated by diverse identities in the territory of Costa Rica, Central America and its diaspora. Berger has also worked extensively in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she is co-founder of La Ene (New Energy Museum of Contemporary Art 2010- 2020) experimental museum, and co-founder of the Paraguay Printed Art Fair.


NaturArchy is produced by the SciArt project of the European commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC), with iMAL.

Supported by the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Artwork featured in the visual: Invisible Seeds by Gala Berger & Metsá Rama (Pilar Arce) & Irene Guerrero Fernández, in collaboration with Nélida Mahua, Lourdes Mahua, Lucy Silvano, Yoxan Ana and Zaida Silvano.