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Joohoon Ha

Sonian Playground

Sonian Playground is an installation project, developed by Joohoon Ha during his residency at iMAL.

Just as civilization manipulates natural environments, the work manipulates time and space. Composed from field recordings of the Sonian forest and audio material derived from machine learning, the soundscape proposes an abstraction of reality in which sound materials from different temporalities and acoustics confront each other. Multi-channel broadcasting allows for an analog immersion of perceived reality, which nevertheless remains artificial; the presence of artefacts or the absence of data leads to an altered perception of the different traces of the real world.

By exploring the boundaries between the natural and the artificial in forest environments, the work questions the paradoxical relation we have with nature.

About Joohoon Ha

French artist of South Korean origin, lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.
Joohoon Ha's works take multiple forms such as concerts, recordings and installations. He mainly uses field recordings as raw material to compose temporal sculptures and explore narrative through space and digital tools.



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