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Marie Frenois

About Marie's Residency at iMAL

Marie will be working on her SPACE/eCOLOGY project at iMAL.

SPACE/eCOLOGY is a research exploring the environmental impact of technology on a heritage of humanity: the sky. On October 4, 1957, a satellite weighing 83 kg was sent into space. The first in history, Sputnik 1, survived 22 days until its batteries were exhausted. From then on, the conquest ofspace began.

Today more than 8,000 tonnes of artifcial objects gravitate above our heads and about 90% of them are obsolete or non-functional. In 2019, Starlink (SpaceX) begins launching 60 satellites every month to create a global internet. Through Starlink and competing companies, SPACE/eCOLOGY questions the spatial issues that are emerging in our time: legislation relating to space, the notion of commercial territory, space pollution, a ghostly and intangible Internet network that is all encompassing and energy consuming.


Born in the 90s, shortly before the arrival of the family computer, Marie Frenois developed an
interest in digital technology starting with Encarta, her first encyclopedia on diskette, then the arrival
of the Internet with ADSL, and later online blogs and messaging. In her research, she leads an exploration that questions the modalities of humanity, who have become users, with a view to our ecological environment.

After a master's degree in digital arts and visual communication at erg, ecole de recherche
graphique in Brussels, Marie Frenois alternates her life between freelance commissions, web and
graphic design work within the GlossGroup collective, learning low-tech , digital arts and critical
research on the impact of the digital world.


SPACE/eCOLOGY is supported by Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles

Part of a series of iMAL residencies supported by COCOF